The artist can be commissioned for different subjects: wildlife, cats, dogs, horses, landscapes or still lifes.  The perfect artwork for your home or office can be discussed with the artist.

The artist can capture the essence and delightful personality of your beloved pet. Each animal she paints is very special to her and she works to capture that special personality.  With her devotion and deep sensitivity you can be assured of purchasing a timeless piece of art that can be cherished for many generations.

Ms. Bilodeau creates her artwork exclusively from her own references. She will not accept to create a painting from a picture she didn't take herself.   If the artist doesn't already have references she can work from (like the many photographs she took over the years of different animals, flowers, landscapes, seascapes and more) she will photograph the subject(s) in many different poses and lighting conditions.  Then you and the artist will confer on the poses and photographs, and you will select the final pose.  Presently, it can take 12 to 18 months before the artwork would be ready for you.  Commissions are accepted on the following terms: 50% of the price upon acceptance of the commission and the other 50% upon completion of the work.

Prices for a commission oil painting start at $5,800.00 US for a 16 inches by 20 inches.  Frame, shipping, and travel expenses are additional.

Please contact the artist for any questions you may have regarding commissions.

"More Striking Than We Had Anticipated"

We first noticed Lucie’s ‘Africa paintings’ in a gallery in Key West and instantly loved her art. She’d truly captured the wildness and at the same time the gentility of the beasts as well as the serenity of their surroundings. We bought a wonderful painting of a lioness with her two cubs. We then commissioned Lucie to paint a complementary painting of a male lion to have them hang facing each other in a corner of our home office. ‘Majestic’ was even more striking than we had anticipated. He’s certainly majestic and his face and mane simply forge out of the painting.

Communicating with Lucie long distance was a pleasure and she worked diligently to please us and to produce an art piece that is superb. We have since purchased additional painting’s from Lucie including another commissioned piece entitled ‘Autumn’s Majesty’ which captures the fall colors of our beautiful northeast in a tranquil setting of an old barn nestled below a massive escarpment cliff.

Al Tolstoy, Chairmain


"I Am Thrilled With the Portrait"

I am thrilled with the portrait. Not only am I happy about the result but the whole experience was very special. I thought that the meticulous detail that you adhered to and the updates you provided me were especially important and satisfying. I especially appreciated the fact that you paid attention to my input and was very understanding of my concerns through the whole process. You consistently told me that you "WANTED ME TO BE HAPPY" and that meant so much to me. You are so easy to work with and provide such a wonderful service with the framing too. The whole process was so easy. I find it unbelievable that you can paint such a fine painting from a photo and capture the child's/person's personality and spirit, and all my friends thought so too. You are just terrific...a wonderful artist and a special person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christine L.

Farmington, Connecticut